Climate friendly living – it's our future

The Climate Opportunity

Learning in the Mountains

The coming decade is going to be about climate change. The good news is that communities across America are recognizing the need to shift to a low-carbon lifestyle. Asheville North Carolina is working to become a climate change leader, where innovators convene to create, share and refine the techniques and technologies of climate resilience. A living laboratory where we learn to create truly sustainable, climate friendly communities. Old Coggins Farm

This will require a focused transition that supports emerging technology and traditional skills, established principles and wide-ranging innovation. To accelerate this process, Climate Now is offering a series of presentations that will help bring this vision to life in a community that blends deep traditions and cutting-edge entrepreneurship. You can play a part by inviting one of our staff to give a lively and engaging Introduction to Climate Friendly Living to your group or company in Asheville and the surrounding area. This talk lasts about 15 minutes, so contact us to arrange a date, and thank you for your interest in our work!