Climate friendly living – it's our future

About Us

Climate Now is a non-profit educational organization based in Asheville, North Carolina. Home Because of the urgency of halting climate change, our mission is to develop and demonstrate a replicable program that brings together the techniques and technology of low-impact, climate friendly living. With western North Carolina as the model region, we are creating online technology, experimental media, presentations and live events to reach a growing audience with actionable information that will help each of us reduce or even reverse our harmful carbon emissions, stimulate local climate related business and minimize our vulnerability in the future.

This Climate Now website is presented in a retro format as an experiment in re-simplifying. Ian Booth It brings together regional resources in a user-friendly directory of products, services and information for the low-impact use of energy, water, transportation and farmland. While the searchable database of registered local businesses is specific to the model region of western North Carolina, the information is useful to households and businesses everywhere. We will continue to research and present new ideas, demonstrations, products and services that support the rapid implementation of climate friendly living, and to work with other communities and organizations interested in refining and spreading this work.

Thank you for your interest in Climate Now.

Ian Booth, Director