Climate friendly living – it's our future

The Climate Bistro


"The Climate Bistro is being designed as a fun, lively and informative new variety show that builds on the popularity of its predecessor, the award winning Green Radio Bistro," says producer Ian Booth.

The Green Radio Bistro was a weekly variety show shot live in Asheville, North Carolina from 2006 to 2009 as a proof-of-concept. These pilot shows, broadcast on Public Access TV, FM radio and webcast, featured top musicians from the widely touted Asheville area music scene. Co-hosts Ned Doyle and UNCA Environmental Studies professor Dr. Dee Eggers interviewed fascinating guests and "green" innovators who shared ideas and personal experiences to pique everyone's interest in clean energy and energy conservation, alternative transportation, green business and much more. Add variety skits, a Kids Reporter and our old friend Wiltin Corn from up in Turkey Hop, and you have a show the whole family could enjoy and learn from.

The Climate Bistro will pick up where the Green Radio Bistro left off, entertaining its live and broadcast audience while inspiring everyone to help stop dangerous climate change now!